27 september 2018 | 3 min.

The application of ASR DMOF’s CSR policy on newly constructed office buildings and monuments

The ASR Dutch Mobility Office Fund has developed ambitious sustainability objectives to improve the Fund’s average energy index. Dutch regulation dictates that all office buildings in the Netherlands should  obtain a green energy label (A, B or C) by 2023. The recent Wonderwoods acquisition and office building Moreelsepark with ‘monutental status’ are great examples of the Fund’s latest achievements to improve the average energy index of the Fund.

Wonderwoods, Utrecht

Sustainability is at the core of the Wonderwoods office building. Together with partners such as Philips, Arcadis and Innax, a special sustainability team is assembled to apply the latest innovative techniques regarding energy, water, health, well-being and circularity. The building will have a BREEAM Excellent certificate, which will also emphasize the ‘well-being’ of users and occupants.

Wonderwoods Kantoor Utrecht ASR Dutch Mobility Office Fund

Wonderwoods in Utrecht

Wonderwoods is a smart green building, incorporating smart design and technology wherever possible. The building delivers comfort for users, at the lowest possible cost and with the lowest environmental impact. Total personal control and well-being is the goal. The building is automatically regulated but users are stimulated to minimize their environmental impact via information updates on smart, eco-friendly, displays. The smart design features include:

  • Demand-driven installations (ventilation, heating, cooling and lighting);
  • Efficient transportation of warmth and cooling internally, between the building’s various functions;
  • Underground thermal energy storage

Rainwater is collected in a buffer system and re-used for irrigation. It also serves to cool the building by buffering on the multiple roofs and gardens. The use of ‘virgin’ materials will be minimalized, supporting circularity. The most striking measures are the recycling hub, material passport, innovative installation concept and waste separation during the use of the building.

Wonderwoods has a progressive mobility plan. The developer and municipality of Utrecht have formulated a joint ambition to reduce car use by maximizing the application of mobility solutions and public transport facilities. This includes the provision of an (electric) car sharing concept and extremely user-friendly bicycle parking (with e-bikes and e-scooters). Double use of the parking spaces in the parking garage is part of the innovative usage of mobility and space. All usage and traffic is worked out in a comprehensive mobility plan.

Moreelsepark, Utrecht

Although historic buildings are exempt from the obligation to have an energy label of at least label C by 2023, the Fund has investigated how Moreelsepark, a monumental office building, could improve its current energy label. Monuments are challenging buildings from a technical perspective, but are considered well-sought assets with perpetual value.

Moreelsepark Kantoor ASR Dutch Mobility Office Fund

Moreelsepark in Utrecht

In 2018 high performance glazing (HR ++) has been installed,m resulting in an improvement of the energy label from F to D. The next step is to consider the following measures that could result in a green energy label C:

  • Motion detection and regulation of air treatment system, based on CO2 level;
  • Replacement of lighting (LED or/and T5) including motion detection for the lighting on the ground floor and first floor;
  • Installation of additional of roof insulation;
  • Addition of approximately 550 sq. m. of PV panels on the roof.