18 september 2019 | 2 min.

Enhancing mobility by sharing

The ASR Dutch Mobility Office Fund (ASR DMOF) wants to encourage users of its buildings to take public transport to and from its buildings. Investing in office buildings that are located close to major public transport hubs is one aspect of achieving this goal. Because the Fund invests in these locations where space is very scarce, parking facilities need to be designed ever more efficiently. There are various ways of improving efficiency. Read more about two of our efficiency solutions below.

The mobility plan for Wonderwoods features simple but practical mobility solutions, under the motto of enhancing mobility through sharing. For example, the plan for this ASR DMOF and ASR DCRF asset states that all 160 parking spots can be used by both residents and office tenants. During the day, many residents go to work and their parking spots can be used by office workers. In the evening, the opposite happens. This helps to get the most out of the limited amount of space available for parking.

The Fund also wants to reduce the car usage among the office workers who use its buildings by making shared electric cars available. To achieve this, a.s.r. real estate has embarked on a partnership with Amber, the fastest growing user platform for shared electric cars in the Netherlands.

At the start of September, the Willemswerf office in Rotterdam was the first Amber hub in a.s.r. real estate’s office portfolio to officially open. The initiative was received very enthusiastically by tenants. The users of Willemswerf are expected to save over 15,000 kg of CO2 in the first year. Based on the results and experiences of this pilot scheme, a.s.r. real estate and Amber will also offer this service at other office buildings in the portfolio.


Amber near Willemswerf office building

Amber has been operating since January 2018 and now has 5,500 users at its 70 hubs in 17 cities across the Netherlands. Since June 2018, a.s.r. employees have been using the Amber hub located next to the a.s.r. head office in Utrecht. Last year, research by Deloitte showed that Amber was one of the fastest growing companies in the Netherlands, and by far the fastest growing in its market. By the end of 2019, Amber expects to have around 7,000 users and over 90 hubs throughout the country.