05 mei 2023 | 3 min.

Wonderwoods reaches new heights: office tower peaks and greenery arrives

Wonderwoods has achieved significant milestones in its construction progress. The first tree has been planted on the building and the office tower has reached its highest point. Wonderwoods will feature 280 trees and 75,000 plants both inside and outside the building. The construction began in December 2020 and is expected to be completed by 2024. 

First tree planted on the green towers 

The preparations for this unique project have been underway for years, and the trees and plants have been carefully cultivated. The first of many trees, a four-meter currant tree, was planted last month. The greenery in and around the buildings is inspired by that of the Utrechtse Heuvelrug National Park. Only native species are being planted and the entire tower has a diversity that matches that of a hectare of forest.  

In addition to about 4000 planters and 150 large tree planters on the facades of the tallest tower, all roofs are green roofs with a water retention function. The green roofs are able to retain rainwater and later, through a fully automatic system, the water can be reused for all the greenery. 

Wonderwoods In Aanbouw Wilco Van Dijen (1)

In addition to the obvious visual benefits of greenery, the trees and plants absorb CO2 and absorb harmful substances such as particulate matter and exhaust fumes. In addition, the greenery has a sound-dampening effect and helps regulate the temperature in the environment, thereby preventing heat stress. The vegetation is designed to be an attractive breeding and dwelling place for about thirty animal species, including robins, blackbirds, and swallows. Wonderwoods meets the BENG 2021 standard (Almost Energy Neutral Building), and the office space is BREEAM Excellent certified. 

Office tower reaches highest point 

Wonderwoods consists of two towers, one being a 105-meter-high residential tower, and the other a 70-meter-high office tower. The tower of 70 meters has reached its highest point, and the signature curved façades of MVSA Architects are now visible. The tallest tower is yet to reach its highest point. 

Wonderwoods In Aanbouw Wilco Van Dijen (3)
Wonderwoods In Aanbouw Wilco Van Dijen (2)

Features Wonderwoods 

Wonderwoods will have 252 rental apartments, including 60 in the mid-range rental segment, and 167 apartments for sale. Additionally, there will be 14,000 square meters of office space, a roof park with a restaurant, gym, bike storage, and an underground parking garage. The ASR Dutch Core Residential Fund will own the rental homes and the office and commercial spaces will be owned by the ASR Dutch Mobility Office Fund