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ASR Dutch Mobility Office Fund road to a sustainable portfolio

Since the inception of the Fund less than one year ago, sustainability has been one of the key themes of the ASR Dutch Mobility Office Fund. The portfolio is currently undergoing a thorough analysis and sustainability objectives are being formulated for the Fund’s Corporate Social Responsibility Policy, which will be released in December 2017. Reducing energy consumption and CO2 omissions, increasing stakeholder engagement and improving the energy labels of the office buildings are just a few of the strategic objectives that will be included. Simultaneously, the Fund has started preparations for its participation in the 2018 GRESB survey.

In light of all the planned renovations, 84% of the portfolio will already meet the requirement of having an energy label of C or higher by 2023. A great example of our ability to set a high ambition level is demonstrated by the Laan van Puntenburg office building.

Renovation of the NS headquarters

The Laan van Puntenburg office building in Utrecht is currently fully occupied by tenant NS (the Dutch Railway Company). NS has signed a 10-year lease that commences after completion of the renovation, which will make the building suitable for multi-tenancy. While this office building will remain the Dutch headquarters of NS, some office space will be available for other tenants. The renovation will result in a major improvement in the quality and sustainability of the building. Besides a drastic change in the exterior, the working environment of the employees inside the building will also significantly improve. Because sustainability is one of NS’ key company strategies, the renovation is a joint effort between the tenant and the Fund. As a result, NS is willing to invest in additional sustainability measures.

  • Laan van Puntenburg has approx. 28,000 sq. m. of leasable floor area and was built in 1990 for NS to serve as its headquarters
  • After the renovation, NS will occupy approximately 80% of the building, while the remaining office space can be leased out to other tenants
  • The total cost of the renovation is estimated at approximately € 40 million
  • The following measures will be executed, among others: LED lights, high efficiency boilers, HR++ glass, climate ceilings, air heaters with heat recovery
  • The new façade gives the building a fresh look and feel, and is necessary for obtaining the ‘BREEAM Excellent’ certificate. NS and the Fund are splitting the costs for this adjustment. The initial target was to obtain a ‘BREEAM Very Good’ certificate
  • A longer term ambition of the tenant and the Fund is to make the building as CO2-neutral as possible
  • As with all the assets of DMOF, being located close to a large mobility hub is a requirement under the Fund’s strategy as this encourages public transport and a lower usage of cars 

For more information on the Fund and its sustainable efforts, please contact Lizzy Butink or Victor Hagenbeek.

Lizzy Butink
Sustainability manager
M: +31 (0)6 51 19 07 74
E: lizzy.butink@asr.nl

Victor Hagenbeek
Associate Fund Management
ASR Dutch Mobility Office Fund
M: +31 (0)6 10 50 28 01
E: victor.hagenbeek@asr.nl